Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ryan McChesney Tampa, Florida, United States

Posted: 2016-03-02

Chapter 1

Thoughts Are Things


Earl Nightingale has one of the most classic old sayings there is, "You become what you think about." Just go on a trip down Memory Lane and look at everything that has happened to you, good or bad. Then ask yourself, "Was I thinking of that before it happened to me?" After reading this chapter or hearing that old saying by Nightingale, I can answer that question for you...yes, you were thinking about that thought before it came to reality. Just like I heard so many times in baseball, "If you think about striking out, then you will strike out. But if you think about getting a base hit, you will get a base hit." As the great Tony Robbins said, "Guard you mind!" Because the only person that can put the thoughts into your mind is you.


While I attended church last Sunday, there was a question asked during Bible study that I thought was very intriguing. The speaker asked the room, "Which do you think comes first, the vision or the Holy Ghost?" I heard the others in the room give their answer and give their reasoning behind it. And can you guess what everybody said? If you were thinking that most people would pick vision, then that shows the difference in our mindsets compared to the people in that room. When I pondered on that question, it took me about 5 seconds until I picked my answer. And my answer is that the vision comes first. Let me explain.


Vision is where everything begins. It is the starting point of a race or a road trip. In my opinion, your hunches that you get are guiding you to what your thoughts are. Just as when my father told me that I had a career in baseball, my mind had so many thoughts about professional baseball. I had thoughts of playing in the big leagues, hitting off of Roger Clemens (which should be a Hall of Fame pitcher), etc. That is all I would think about. My hunches guided me to keep practicing more and train harder. See, when your mind is set on a thought, that is what you will become. Yes, it does take being laser focused on that thought, and becoming persistent until that thought becomes a reality. So, as many of you know, that thought of me becoming a professional player happened. But it happened 12 years after that thought was initially planted in my head. 


Let me ask you a question that will make my case even stronger: How can you guide a person on how to make a pizza, if they haven't even had a thought about pizza? The answer: you can't. And it is the same in network marketing. How can we turn ballerinas into carpenters, if they haven't even thought about being a carpenter? When the time is right for the ballerina to become a carpenter, it will come, just as it did for my professional baseball career.


Ryan McChesney

Tampa, Florida