Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Mervyn Drury Casey, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

Posted: 2018-08-01

Chapter 5: Specialized Knowledge


The Fourth Step toward Riches

“The range of human knowledge today is so great that we're all specialists and the distance between specializations has become so great that anyone who seeks to wander freely between them almost has to forego closeness with the people around him.” Robert M. Pirsig.

What is Specialised Knowledge, where do we obtain it and why is it so important in Network Marketing?

To clearly understand Specialised Knowledge first we need to accept that there are two types of knowledge, General and Specialised. The first, General Knowledge, is available and catalogued in Libraries, Public and Institutional; it is taught in many cases free under education systems existing in the Western World and to lesser extent in the Developing World. These days much of it can be found on the Internet also for free.

Specialised knowledge on the other hand is a development of new ideas which cannot be completely conceived with General Knowledge available. Research is required to find new and innovative solutions which result in Specialised Knowledge. This Specialised Knowledge is generally to be found in published Research Papers of Organisation and Universities. These papers when published openly to the Public Forum become catalogued and then become General Knowledge.  

The old system of Master/Apprentice is a good example of the transfer of Specialised Knowledge, the Master teaching the Apprentice by a showing of the Apprentice, as in the case of learning Wood Joints, how to mark out and cut a joint. The Apprentice then performs the same actions to make a similar joint, any mistakes being corrected by the Master until the Apprentice masters the Technique and hence the Specialised Knowledge has been transferred.

Today these Specialised Trades are taught at night schools, by correspondence and trades schools. All require payment for the learning.

Here at Mentoring For Free, Specialised Knowledge is imparted as the name implies for free. With the use of Master Mind Groups there is a free exchange of ideas, knowledge and techniques. This is necessary with the ever increasing use of Social Media to advertise products and business opportunities. There is much to be learned on the 8 Calls per week, 4 recorded and 4 unrecorded. Attendance is voluntary, however to obtain the most from the System by attending or listening to the Achieved Recordings much knowledge can be learned to enhance our businesses.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Linda and Michael Dlouhy for the Mentoring For Free System. To all the contributors to the various Master Mind Groups I also say Thank you, Thank you, Thank you with heartfelt Gratitude.

Mervyn Drury

Casey, Australian Capital Territory, Australia.