Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Andy Destin Lake Worth , FL , USA

Posted: 2018-07-31

Chapter 5 


Specialize knowledge 




We don't always need all this degree that society is pushing  us to get. Especially in today world having so many degrees doesn't mean it guarantees you your dream job and the Amount of money you wish to earn with all the degrees we have. 


Most of the time what we have is enough to serve us and many others. For example, since I live in Florida it's very hot outside around 1:30 pm - 4:00 pm ....



Now if you park your car in the parking lot inside the car get HOT very quickly, well I had an idea that pop to my mind. And I question myself, why would they only give us 4 button in our keyless remote? When they should've added one more to allowed us to get all our windows down without turning the ignition on. 


Well, I did a little research and find out that with just 2 button I can do what I wanted to roll my windows down before getting in my car to allowed Excessive heat to exit. To do that depending on your car, my is a Honda Accord, Now on your keyless remote you click the lock button, then press the unlocked but HOLD IT. All windows will start to go down... Including your sunroof. 



Now to get all your windows up use your key by putting in your door and turn it once, now you'll hear all the doors locked. Now all you have to do this time turn it but HOLD IT when you turn as if you were locking the door again. After 10 - 15 second all windows should be up without you getting in or turning on your ignition. 



Sometimes we have so many ideas, but since it takes a lot of work and planning we rather not to do it and boom someone else thought of it an put it to used it and succeed. Now we said aw man I should've putting in the work. 😏