Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Beverly Johnson Whiting, NJ, USA

Posted: 2018-07-29


While speaking of General KNOWLEDGE I take it to mean a wide range of different subjects, requiring information that is available to everyone on a basic level.  For instance, we go through school,

we go through life and as we travel from one grade to the next and as we progress from one age to older, we are guided to do it this way or that way with simplicity.  GENERAL KNOWLEDGE affects

everyones life a certain way. 


In my preparation this week, I came across an artical explaining lower-level specialized knowledge which builds on your prior knowledge and skills.  Whereas upper-level specialized knowledge

demonstrated advanced knowledge of insight into theories, principles and practices along with plans of action.


When we speak of SPECIALIZED KNOWLEDGE we are talking about a SPECIAL KNOW HOW, or an advance level of knowledge that is taught or learned by an individual for a purpose or a cause.  

I feel I am gaining a special knowledge by reading the lessons of Think and Grow Rich each week. I further gain insight when I attend the webinar and listen to the many people read their take on the

different subjects. I am grateful for you all.



Beverly Johnson
Whiting, NJ