Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Rick Burnett Spanish Fort, Alabama, USA

Posted: 2018-07-28

So many people go to college for general knowledge thinking that that will get them ahead in life and it will do no such thing according to Hill. Some people go to school all of their lives seeking general knowledge and still as poor as when they I started. Specialized knowledge on the other hand can be a game changer, I think that that is why so many of us are here, seeking specialized knowledge to help us be successful.


Many of us have trusted our sponsors many of them not knowing much more than we do, if any. They told us it was a numbers game and to just keep talking to people. That getting no’s just gets us closer to getting a yes. Michael tells us in his book that that is what Direct sellers do also.


Being a green personality I thought that I had to know everything about a product, website, scripts, what how to respond to a prospect… and on and on. I am learning more everyday  that the most important thing in network marketing is the study of people and now i’m doing just that.


I'm finding out that two of the most important skills that I could have is knowing the color personalities of a person and how to listen, to talk much much less and listen more more more!


There are many sources of specialized knowledge for doing this, the skills that I am learning here at MFF and many good books and CDs. I now know that when I master those two things all the rest will take care of themselves. 


Thank you, thank you,  thank you Linda and Michael Dlouhy for choosing to travel with us as you say in your P.S at the end of your lessons and ALWAYS doing what you say without fail and thank you to all my mastermind partners and friends for sharing your brilliance with me also!


Rick Burnett

Spanish Fort, Al