Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Dawn Meyers Mullica Hill, NJ, United States

Posted: 2018-07-25

Chapter 4 Auto - Suggestion


I really enjoyed this chapter. I actually really heard it loud and clear this time. That's why these lessons are so important. You will learn something new everytime you read it. I read and listen along to the audio. I think I absorb more that way. Being a blue personality it is very hard to keep me focused and engaged. Maybe it is undiagnosed ADD. LOL. Either way it is tough for me to sit here and not think about the pile of dishes in the sink oh and then I need to empty the dryer and go water the flowers oh and I have to call my mom. I also have emails to write and people to call and places to be. LOL. You could go on forever. 

I am getting focused but in a different way. I am working on self improvement. Helping my family improve too. Improve their health and their mindset. I believe that the money I need will follow as the universe knows how bad we need it. My self talk makes that apparent. The money I need come to me with no harm to others so mote it be. The money I spend and the money I lend comes back to me 3x3. However you want your mind to hear it as long as it does and constantly say it with faith and belief that it is flying through the sky and on its way to you. 

Believe. You will acheive what ever you want. The universe has been working on some strange stuff in my life. Some stuff that seems to be devine and destiny. All at the same time I am fighting a disease that is temporary. I in no way will have this rule me. I am winning and will continue to win.

Recently my business has changed to an entirely different format and concept. Faster paced and more monetary involement in the aspect of employement and operations with the potential of unlimited profit. Something we have always been working for. Of course I am still looking forward to building an onlime forever residual income and make some more cash in between. But I know that what I am doing is working. The help I get from this program you can't even monetize the value. My very good friend that has never given up on me since the first day we talked. That person is Bob Shoaf. My very good friend and mentor that I look forward to talking to every week. My life is not the same if I don't get to talk to him. 

I enjoy hearing all the people announce themselves on the calls and I sit there on speaker sometimes when there are others around me and they spark an interest when they hear all these people getting on this call together from all over the US, Canada and Australia.

I loved this chapter because it summarized the impotance of chapters and steps that should be followed exact to acheive the results we desire. You can replace the montezation with a different desire. You can imagine yourself living a different lifestyle, have a healthier life and bigger house a better car. Or even a house or a car that you desperatly need. Maybe you need a friendship. I needed a better employee. I was holding on forever to someone who for some reason started to develop a really bad attitude when he started to develop a personal relationship with us. I guess he did start to become jealous of the relationship me and my husband have. The business we own and the children we have along with success that came with the very hard work we put into our relationship. He started by blocking us from facebook so he did not have to see the things our family did together. It became apparent in his work and attitude.  It became dangerous. 

Thanks to Bob Shoaf reminding me of the words to say daily we were able to have faith that someone is out there waiting for us and we took the leap of faith and let this person go and do the work ourselves until we found his replacement. We found 2 people that are 10 times more productive. Thank you Thank you Thank You. 

Dawn Meyers Mullica Hill New Jersey