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Posted: 2018-07-25

Don & Bonnie Schaefer, Beverly Hills, Fl.

Chapter4...A real kick in the rear Chapter to wake you up...


I have read in numerous articles that auto-suggestion (self-talk) is the simplest and arguably, the most powerful programing tool you have. It’s a simple mind power technique that is easy, always accessible, can be done anywhere, anytime, and requires no special training. We do it naturally...Sadly, most do it wrong.

We unconsciously and often use auto suggestion the wrong way...(most do) How many times have you heard someone say I’m sick and tired or complain about their job, there spouse or any other negative things. That is self-talk but not the way it is supposed to be done if you want to change your life.

We must start to realize that our thoughts are creative and the words we give them result in actions that affect our lives!

This is what we mean when we say thoughts are things...

Choose your words carefully.

Thanks Michael and Linda for bringing this awesome program to us

Forever grateful,

Don & Bonnie Schaefer