Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Jon Stainsby BRIGHTON, East Sussex, United Kingdom

Posted: 2018-07-25

My conscious mind acts as a security guard to my subconscious mind. Unfortunately my security guard spends more time sleeping than he does guarding so negative thoughts are allowed to enter my subconscious through self talk, just as easily as positive thoughts.

My choice is to keep the positive emotions of Desire, Faith, Love, Sex, Enthusiasm, Romance, Hope and Prosperity at the forefront of my conscious mind at all times and only allow thoughts associated with these emotions to enter my subconscious mind.

The 30 day mind cleanse is something that would assist with the removal of negative thoughts from my subconscious mind and is something I need to consider doing.

I am reading outloud, twice daily, the object of my desire, with the emotions of Faith, Desire, Enthusiasm, Hope and Prosperity to instil in my subconscious a sense of Belief.

Additionally, I am spending time with my eyes closed, Visualising myself already in possession of the object of my desire.

I acknowledge the price I must pay to create this Belief in my subconscious is everlasting Persistence and Concentration.

I am demanding plans from my subconscious for the accumulation of my desire and am including Imagination in my belief to assist with the creation of these plans. When these appear as flashes of inspiration or ‘sixth sense’ feelings, I will put them into action immediately. 

I will not trust my reason to confirm these plans as my reason can be faulty.