Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ben Drake West Ryde, NSW, Australia

Posted: 2018-07-25

Ben you have a powerful health story on its own, a powerful story about getting married and what it took for You to achieve that goal. Your business story is being written right now, its just building those relationships needed.

Over the years health has been a priority, then getting married now lets work on building that business. For many years the suggestion was on that health improvement from a guy who needed to work and learn beta health habits. It was the same with relationships, that needed to learn the skills needed to be that husband and father that I am now.

Many years ago Starting off seeking love and acceptance about who I was lead to many false beliefs, starting with sex that was the same as love, it took years to learn the difference between the two and my first sexual encounter was just about sex to the other party where as I saw as making love. What we say to ourselves is what comes about, when we are wanting to change our health and listen to the positive we can achieve our goals and dreams we will achieve that goal.

Ben You are that great husband, father and friend. You are capable of being that stay at home parent, You know what You will always be ok. Its time to build that life better, working on Yourself and becoming that better leader. At the same time You are a healthy inspiration to those around You.

Thank you to my wonderful amazing friends and family from mentoring for free, especially Ken Klemm and  Linda and Michael Dlouhy for Your constant love, guidance and acceptance. thank you to my amazing wife for life Jenny for her own continued support.

Your friend for life,
Big hugs,
Ben Drake
West Ryde Nsw Australia