Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Eric Braun Ohio City, Ohio , United States

Posted: 2018-07-23

"Carry out these instructions (In Chapter 4 - Auto suggestion) as though you were a small child. Inject into your efforts something of the FAITH of a child."

I would love to have the same FAITH of a child!!!

For example, my son is only 5. I told him that he can be whatever he wants to be when he grows up.

My dream was to be a Robotic Technician when I was little, I took algebra, only to fail miserably back in high school, my Freshman year, back in 1985-1986. So I took General Math my Freshman year and Consumer Math my Sophomore year in high school. General Math was a breeze my Freshman year, then on to Consumer Math. We didn't have Excel back then, so bacily all it really taught me to utilize that education is to my mastery of balancing my checkbook. How many people reading my lesson can say that? Then on to Algebra at a different high school in the middle of my Junior year when I moved. Then I failed again with an F. Then my Senior year in squeeked by with a D, then graduated high school back in 1989. I only have a diploma from high school. I'm highly educated, but not graduated. I'll explain why...

So from 1989-1991, I studied Electronics and Robotics at Ivy Tech, which was a technical school then, but is now a community college. I've been studing Electronics since I was 14. Ever since I was 14, I could read schematics. Since I passed Algebra in high school, the technical school skipped me over Geometry, which was a big mistake! I studied Algebra/Trigonometry from 1989-1991 and kept failing miserably. Also I failed Hydraulics miserably. So I dropped out of the technical school in 1991. I jumped from tempory job to tempory job till 1996. I even landed a couple technical jobs as a temporary! They didn't last long enough, though, because they were just temporary jobs until I finally got a permanent job at a potato chip factory, of all places, from 1996-2000. Ever tasted a potato chip frest out of the fryer? To this day, when I eat potato chips, it's like eating cold fries. They were that good and I got fat in 4 years! Then immediatly lost the fat after, which I still have 2" of loose skin because of that job. In 2000 I got permanently laid off because the factory closed in Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA. Then a job placement agency approached all the workers at that factory, except the ones that retired after 30 years at the factory. She asked me if I wanted to go to college. I told her that I failed miserably in technican school and you want me to go to collage??? She instilled FAITH in me, so I studied Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology and tried 1 class in Electronics with little FAITH. I passed with an A! Then I moved on to half time, two classes at a time. I passed Algebra with an A! Also, Basic Computers with an A! I was averaging an 4.0 for 2 years. Then A's in Algebra Trig. I and !!! Then the teacher gave everyone in the class a C in Trigonometry because the text  book in that class was so hard, that it was nothing but story problems and everyone would have failed. Keep in mind that I still skipped Geometry in high school and in technical school. Then the collage skipped my over Precalulus and to Calculous. I had FAITH that I'd go on to third degree Calculous and graduate! It didn't go as planned. Since they skipped me over Precalulous, which was not an option in collage at Purdue University because they assumed that you took Precalculous back in high school. Keep in mind, that I started collage at 29! I'm rambling on, but I'll get back to my son. I failed Calculous with Analitical Geometry three times! I had FAITH that I was going to pass Calculous with Analitical Geometry three semesters in a row! So the lession here is that, even with FAITH, plans don't always go our way! So in 2005, I dropped out of collage. Does that mean that I'm a failure??? Surely not, but I thought so for 8 years! So back in 2005, I got on Disability after trying for three years. I have a disability, and I thought I was a failure for 8 long years. 8 years of my life wasted, till a spark emerged in my mind. That seed planted. So in 2013, I decided to get into business. Only to jump from fly by night businesses, to pyramid scheme MLMs, and some legit business MLMs. I found out that I'm not a convincing salesman in 2015. So I went to business school. It was 99% essay and 1% hands on! My computer class only taught me how to write essays and one assignment in Excel and one assignment in PowerPoint! I was furious! So I dropped out again, after two years of business school last year! It was a bad university, but now I realize that I sure know that I know how to write essays! I was scheptical about any type of business for the last year and Nathan Grimes stumbled across my LinkIn profile and I was scheptical toward him that this course was really free. Now I have two friends and mentors! Nathan Grimes and Michael Dlouhy!

Now back to my son, remember when I told him he could be anything he wants to be. At two years old, when he could barely talk and learned his ABC's, he told me that he wanted to be a doctor and a firefighter. Because my baby's mother is a nurse and he wanted to boss her around. She is a sucessful RN. I told him that, "Are you sure you want to be both a firefighter and a doctor??? Either pick one or the other because you won't have time to do both." So he chose to be a doctor with that "child like FAITH".  Just recently I got out my old electronics kit that I learned electronics with because I wanted him to fulfill my dream. That was a BIG mistake! He got bored quickly when I showed him how to build a simple 3 light switch, three lights, and a battery circuit. He said, "THAT'S IT!!!" So I respected his wishes that his mother instilled in him. I have to let him fulfill his dream, not mine! That is where many parents who pay for thier child's/children's college only to fulfill their dream that the parent/parents couldn't achieve in life. They are the ones who usually sleep in collage because their parents made them go. Your child/children can't fulfill your failures in life. They have a "childlike FAITH" seed planted in their own mind that we can all learn from. I have to start over and fulfill my own ownership of a business with "childlike FAITH" through the wisdom and knowledge of my mentor and Michael Dlouhy's course!

Just recently his mother told him that doctors deal with blood and guts. So now he wants to be a male nurse and we respect his wishes. We taught him a lot. He hasn't entered Kindergarten, yet, until next month, but he can count to 100, do addition, subtraction, and multiplication, and read three letter words and he's only 5! He'll make a great male nurse someday!!!


Thank you Michael Dlouhy and my friend and also mentor Nathan Grimes for this course!


Eric Braun

Ohio City, Ohio USA