Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Levi Baker Elizabethtown, KY, United States

Posted: 2018-07-19

Atosuggestion -

By Levi Baker

Elizabethtown Kentucky 


As I do ever assignment I am understanding that all the chapters work off of each other because you must belief in ever thing you have read so far nothing and grow rich other wise ypu are wasting you time and MICHEALS frankly.

This part of my life and I really not that open but , dsubcpusiouslu I believe when I speak i speak through trial and error and lots of wisdom you see for the past 20 years.

I abused moodatltering substances I battled depresdion, anger, I didn't know what it felt like to be happy and I would continuously doom my self being trapped in my own head but not realeasing.

That I was always giving others my own to write my story I used to be the yes man. And also the man that that would put others before to be liked that got me in trouble time and time again.

I would always over expert thself and hold anger and let it loose on the wrong person because subconiously and little voices that seek in and feed you negative thoughts and that is the bad to use the subcousious mine.

I have passed and retired more then once that I know of I have studied. The subcousiius mind ever since 1990 and isice my crossing and coming back.

Sobcousiouly I feel I can do anything with staying humble , Spritual,loyal, having faith, and desire,

I have been clean since 7/6/2018

You know I listen to a lot self help materials on YouTube and it was a Sermon that was put on by Sattleback Church and how we as a society don t every grieve failure.

But we do grieve lost of a love one and friendship a marriage and girlfriend and a boy friend, first you must look deep inside your self and start to reading.

And look at why do fear failure I didn't want to her but I had in want fear of failing everyone I loved and I roses it yesterday I released the situation at my gods feet as I know him and asked him for forgiveness and yesterday I lifted a huge weight off my shoulders .

They all work together hand in hand. I love the master mind group thanks Bod for believing in me and MICHEAL I  and Dlouhy I am sure you are a man of god and just as he loves so do I.