Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ken Klemm Spring Hill, FL, USA

Posted: 2018-07-19

We ask questions about Faith...

“What IS Faith?”

“Do I have Faith because I say so?”

“How do I know whether I have Faith?”

Faith is not KNOWING. As we learn in Chapter 5, our 
Specialized Knowledge comes to us through Observation 
and Experience.

Faith is not BELIEF. Beliefs are developed through 
repetition. They are our thought Habits.

Faith is a FEELING - an Emotion just like Love, Desire 
and Fear. It moves us. It is how our Knowledge and 
Beliefs make us FEEL.

Faith can be strengthened by focusing ON our Knowledge 
and Beliefs.

Faith is usually more constant than other emotions, 
which easily wax and wane.

The sun’s fusion reaction, slamming hydrogen fuel into 
helium and releasing tremendous energy, is constant. 
Yes, the sun has storms and flare-ups on its surface. 
But the underlying fusion reactor is constant - and 
will continue so far beyond our lifetimes as to seem 

From our point of view, rotating as we do, the sun 
sinks below our western horizon every evening - but it 
reappears in the east every morning.

In the extreme northern and southern regions, the 
absence of the sun lasts 6 months - prompting people to 
feelings of despair and depression. For those of us in 
more moderate latitudes, the short days of winter have 
similar effects.

This is why most cultures have some sort of festival of 
lights at the beginning of winter - to instill in their 
people the promise of the coming spring.

Many poems and songs have been written about the 
darkness of night, the coldness of winter - and most of 
them carry the message of the coming dawn or spring.

We know and believe our planet will continue to rotate 
and orbit, and that the the sun will be bright and warm 
when we again face it.

FAITH is how we feel about that. The feelings of Hope 
and Enthusiasm are closely related.

Your Friend and Servant,

Ken Klemm - Florida, USA

P.S. “The darkest hour is just before dawn.”