Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Jon Stainsby BRIGHTON, East Sussex, United Kingdom

Posted: 2018-07-18

My business is being built on FAITH, desire, imagination, persistence and cooperation. I know riches are based on thought and the amounts are limitless when those thoughts are driven by FAITH.

FAITH is a mindset I can create by repeated instructions to my subconscious mind through autosuggestion. However, I am aware that any thought, be it positive or negative can be passed through to my subconscious mind where it will be acted on. I will therefore only focus on positive thoughts.

I can trick my subconscious mind through repeated affirmation by acting as if I am already in possession of the wealth I desire.

All this is achieved through practice.

FAITH is the starting point for the accumulation of all riches. It is also the only known antidote to failure.

Thoughts mixed with FAITH attract similar, related thoughts from the ether, which is made up of eternal forces of vibration. These relative thoughts will combine to become my dominating motivating master.

My greatest weakness is lack of self confidence. This can be overcome through autosuggestion. I am currently writing out and will read the ‘self confidence formula’ on a daily basis.