Think & Grow Rich Lessons
robert tucker Bay Point, California, United States

Posted: 2018-07-16


The mind holds many desired things and opportunities, when Faith is applied things that

are desired in the mind comes about. In the mind there are no limitations only what we

accept to acknowledge. The subconscious operates with faith once the  thought pattern

is in force about a desired thing. It is said that faith is the substance of things hope for when

thought  is carried over to the subconscious mind a spiritual equivanent comes about  through

the Infinite intelligence. When the principle of auto-suggestion comes the transmutation of 

desire into it's physcial equivalent when faith is applied.


The subconscious mind is a powerful force that brings about whatever you desire, therefore

through auto-suggestion the transmutation of desire feeds it the monetary equivalent when faith 

is used. Our portion of thought are the important factors thar brings vitality, life when  faith is applied.

robert tucker,Bay Point,California,United States