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Levi Baker Elizabethtown, KY, United States

Posted: 2018-07-05

Faith has to buildt with ever fiber if your being. And it is a couple different components that comes along with faith too make it come all come and work.

Faith isn't easy to have but it can't be one of them fake it till you you make belifs you either have it or you don't.

You build it with honesty integrity trust. And you look for them same traits in people you around your self. I personally build my relationships with a building block of faith like a building block before you have faith you must.

Be spiritual rather that me in or your higher power that is your choice on who you turn too but you have too believe in something bigger than you. 

When you put your total faith in someone's eles hands that big that shows growth that shows you respect the other with whatever task you are puting I to their hands a clue days ok I met this one girl.

And some how I felt like she was she tried to at controls me I didn't once she when you subcociously . have faith your mind tells 

I don't homie with she was thinking I met some one I think she was personally they loaded knows that their are lots of on artist they can probably get the obvious once they understand .  but they have to become humble and now I .have admited me and a my goal is to be an actual CEO of my own company.

I gotta give up total control expecting people to no and understand my business and the process they should ask don't assume just as hard as it is for you to give up control it is hard to put faith in any body but my creator cause it is enviable that not every one is like you and they will dissapoint you but don't let that stop you from having faith.

To me faith is the strongest subcousious belief anyone can have faith is more than an emotion like love. It's a belief and the stronger your belief it gives your more of a reason not give up.


Levi Baker


Think And Grow Rich Student