Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Cindy Harris Mandeville , Louisiana , USA

Posted: 2018-06-06



Until tonight, nothing had come to me for my lesson on the brain.


About an hour ago, I stopped at a convenience store to buy something that my daughter needed and thought about getting those yummy Hostess Chocolate Donettes for her too.  I thought again, that they really didn't need them....  But then AGAIN, I couldn't leave without them! I had already paid for what she DID need, and "something" nudged me, a sweet, sweet hunch!!!.  I knew I had to!  Her husband is going to be coming home unexpectedly sometime tonight and I thought it would be awesome for him and their 4 young children to munch on them for breakfast.  My daughter was TOTALLY ELATED when I presented them to her.  She said, "MOM, I wanted to get some sooo bad when I was at the grocery store a while ago because J (her husband) LOVES them! ... They've been going through a tough time moneywise lately, and she was using wisdom to pass up on them. 


GOD IS SO MUCH FUN!!! He cares about our every desire! When we communicate with Him on HIS LEVEL, I just can't imagine how proud He is!!! We are in His Perfect Will!


I'm teaching my daughter as much as I can as we go about living life about our awesome group and T&GR.  Prayerfully, she'll be joining us one day! :-)


Thank you, thank you, thank you to ALL of you, my wonderful friends who I am learning to live a fantastic life with!


Thank you Michael & Linda for having such amazing insight, brilliance, bravery, selflessness, LOVE, and everything else, in order to be able to not only BEGIN such fantastic teachings & mentorship, but to KEEP IT UP for so many years! Oh my gosh! You could have given up YEARS before I found you! God is good! And He is faithful!


God bless you all,

Cindy Harris

Mandeville Louisiana