Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Athanasios Georgakopoulos Ocoee, FL, United States

Posted: 2018-05-30

Chapter 12 the Subconscious Mind


the subconscious mind is a strange but critical part of the mind.

It really has no form but in the words of Tom “Big Al” Schreiter: “ the conscious mind is the size of a pea and he subconscious mind is the size of the planet”

We go through life trying to train the pea (conscious mind) to take charge of our lives automatically. Which is the only way to control what goes to the planet size of the mind (subconscious mind)

Emotions are a reaction from the subconscious mind. Many if not most people are controlled by emotions to drive their decisions in life.

The conscious mind is like the captain of a ship, but if he/ she doesn’t have authority to make the decisions of the ship, the ship takes over.


So we have to use the conscious mind to alter the subconscious mind.

If enough CONSISTENT new desired thoughts are imprinted for at least 21 days straight with ACTION, then the subconscious MUST obey.


Its difficult but at the same time so simple. Time is really the challenge to get your subconscious mind to create your reality on YOUR terms. You and only you should be in charge of your own thoughts and decisions regardless of what other’s “opinions”.

If you find you are struggling with attaining your goals, you MUST first WRITE it down and or put it in your phone, computer etc. To look at, read, visualize multiple times a day. Especially when you wake up and go to sleep. 

Writing your goals down, reading it daily, taking action has been known to be achieved 200% more than those that don’t write their goals down.


This group is a headquarters to help each other out with our goals and I greatly appreciate the support! I feel I’ve come far staying this course and look forward continuing my goals to completion!

God Bless!


Athanasios “Tommy” Georgakopoulos