Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Leslie Orm Olivehurst, CA, usa

Posted: 2018-05-28

This is probaly the most imprtant chapter in the book,the subconsious mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy, whatever you think about you will bring about, self talk also ties closely into this subject.

The sunconscious mind is an insidious thing, typically tends to work against you, but to overcome this one has to learn to turn the subconscious mind into a positive thing to work in your favor. Get rid of the stinking thinking, learn to use the subconscious to help you gain what you truly want out of life, health,wealth,relationship of your dreams and whatever else you desire.

To your success.

Leslie Orm

PS Michael thank you for everything you do and will continue to do, I appreciate everything you do on here. Keep up the good work.