Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Everardo Larreynaga Hempstead, NY, USA

Posted: 2018-05-25

The Subsconscious mind!

Yes, it does exist.  It has been written about it for perhaps for 100 years.  But we do not use it for our benefit.  We need training and that is what this lesson is about.  It is a discussion on the subconscious mind.  I have been aware of fear, jealosy, anger, revenge for a long time.  But I never thought how I could get rid of them.  These lessons on Think and Grow Rich throw a light of "hope".  Although I did not write "God Will Make a Way.", I become so emotional about it because I picture God boosting my brain so that I can remember more, be more observant, more verbal and above all be "tactful".  I become emotional  and the song plays automatically in my brain after I sing along.  Yes, some negative stuff plays in my brain and listening to that song helps me.  Also speaking with my mother although she is not reading Think and Grow Rich she understands the principle.  She gave me a sermon this morning and she was right on target.  Belief is a big part of this, I think.  Only believe said Jesus.  It is so much pleasant to have the positive emotions play in your brain.  You can avoid high blood pressure that way.  So, in real life we may have the "stop it!"  "I won't go there".  "Stop it"