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robert tucker Bay Point, California, United States

Posted: 2018-05-23

Changing Through Transmutation

The author tells us that the emotion of sex has three possibilties; The prepetuation of mankind. The maintenance of health which has no equal.

The transformation of mediocrity into genius by transmutation. He also says that Sex transmutation is very easy to understand,it's just a changing

of the mind from thoughts that has to do with physical expression, to thoughts of other form. Of all the desires that man has , sexual expressions

is the most powerful. Through this power of Sexual expression the keeness of imagination there are four expression shown, and so many men and

women have risk their life and reputation to indulge it. Therefore it must be harnessed, and used in a redirect way so that this powerful creative force

can be use in accumulation of riches.

Relationship Of Achievement Through Sex Emotions

Men who achieve their goals and dreams are very fortunate indeed because they have a good sexual emotions which heilps them to  be more better

creative and reach their goals,they have highly developed sex nature, they have learned the art of sex transmutation. just think about it, every know man or

woman who is highly known by many have a great sex life . Sexual emotion is a power of irresistible force  which can give anyone the opportunity to achieve

everything their heart desire,and if that is not working at the right time you just don't reach what you desire.. This is a very good topic to study closely.

robert tucker, Bay Point,california, United States