Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Lawrence Bergfeld Bronx, New York, USA

Posted: 2018-05-19

The bottom line of this Chapter is that if you are not on FIYAH authentically then no-one will be attracted to you. Because you will be in your prospects eyes another EYOOR!! Of course you gotta be coachable and do exactly what your mentor does to get results. But do not wait until you get everything because courage under fire is much better than knowledge on ice. You do NOT want to be someone who is like the student who reads books as if he were studying for a law degree that does not put what he knows into practical knowledge. Because PLANS are useless unless you put it into action like it said at the BEGINNING of Chapter 10 which was the Power of the Mastermind Group. Ask yourself why did they put that at the beginning? BECAUSE thats the most important part like I mentioned earlier!

You must be attracted to your prospect with emotion. Because they have already seen a movie where they hit after 5 minutes the stop button!!

Three things your prospects are checking for:

1. Do I have a sponsor who knows what he wants?

2. Does he know how to get there?

3. Does he have the skills to get there?

He will not tell you his answer to those questions but in the back of his mind he is saying to himself "If one of the answers to those questions is no" then " Go somewhere else.

Remember to be on FIYAH when talking to everyone. That way you will be attracted to people in all areas on life. They will return to your blog, video, and to you of course for guidance. Just like they return to their favorite show where they could name all the characters like Seinfeld and Friends.

Lawrence Bergfeld