Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ethel Van Zanten Tucson,, Arizona, USA

Posted: 2018-05-16

Chapter 10-The Power of the Mastermind

“Analyze the record of any man who has accumulated a great fortune, and many of those who have accumulated modest fortunes, and you will find that they have either consciously, or unconsciously employed the “Master Mind”  principle. Napoleon Hill

We, like every other material thing have been created through energy being transformed into matter.  This energy is still a part of us because we all have a brain.  The thinking process takes place in our brain.  What we need to realize is that every human being has been created in this way.  Through influences in his life and the environment that he is subjected to the thinking process takes on different characteristics.  We all need to know that we need to have an appreciation for the different characteristics each person has.  Until we realize we need others to gain great power we won’t be able to accumulate wealth. A mastermind group is needed even if it is just two people.


I reminded of a song that we teach to our young people in my Faith.  They first of all have to know about the power of a group consulting in the spirit of harmony. Then to remind them this song is sung.

Consultation means finding out what everyone is thinking about. You listen to them, they listen to you and all of you do what we’re thinking about.  

Of course, the ideal is to have everyone agreed on what you want to do. When this doesn’t happen we agree to go with the majority with no one causing disunity by saying their idea was the best.  When everyone goes with the majority  the dissenters and all the others ,the truth of what  action should have been taken plays  out .

Ethel Van Zanten

Tucson, AZ. USA