Think & Grow Rich Lessons
George Freelen Hondo, TX, United States

Posted: 2018-05-16

Riches are shy and timid. They have to be attracted. We attract and become like the those we associate with. Therein lies the principle, the theory behind the Master Mind Group. We attract riches, things, and situations into our lives. This can be easily done by who we associate with, by what we read (how much or how little) and our own thinking process. It is our thinking that forms our feelings, our feelings forms our decisions and our decisions form our lives.

Belonging to a Master Mind Group can change our lives because it can change our decisions making process, this can change our feelings which will improve our thinking and our attitude.

By knowing that we become like those we assassinate with, it is very important that we chose our Master Mind Group with care.  We should answer the following questions our own mind; do they have self-control, do they practice self-discipline, are they patience, are they planners, have they developed a well balance attitude, are they concisely gathering knowledge, what are they reading and what is their personal philosophy.

Belonging to a good sound Master Mind Group is the set of the sail. The wind blows ships in all direction, it the set of the sail that makes all the difference, the participation in and guidance of a sound Master Mind Group makes all the difference. I am grateful for the Master Mind Group formed by Mchael an Linda Dlouhy, many thanks.

George Freelen, San Antonio, Texas