Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Richard Burnett Spanish Fort, Alabama, USA

Posted: 2018-05-16

Hill says “Keep in mind the fact that there are only two known elements in the whole universe, energy and matter. The human mind is a form of energy, a part of it being spiritual in nature. When the minds of two people are coordinated in a SPIRIT OF HARMONY, the spiritual units of energy of each mind form an affinity, which constitutes the “psychic” phase of the Master Mind.


He also goes on to say that some brains are more efficient than others, and leads to this significant statement—a group of brains coordinated (or connected) in a spirit of harmony, will provide more thought-energy than a single brain… this is why we must be a part of a mastermind to ensure our success.


He gives the example of the batteries hooked together which is so powerful to me as a word picture. I have seen the cranking power of a series of batteries to start the big trucks I drove when hooked all together as a single unit as opposed to one little 12 volt battery by itself. The single battery alone might make the engine give a little grunt and nothing else.


So the question is to we want to go it alone and make a little grunt or plug into some high voltage as we feed off the other brilliant minds of the people who make up this outstanding mastermind? 


Thank you thank you thank you Linda and Michael Dlouhy for providing this mastermind. Some have to go to such effort in creating one that they just toss the idea out the window. This one is already created and going strong so all we have to do is just make the time and effort to plug right in and reap the benefits. 


Rick Burnett 

Spanish Fort, Al