Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Dawn Meyers Mullica Hill, NJ, United States

Posted: 2018-05-16

Chapter 10: Power Of The Mastermind

I have realized the power of a mastermind group. I am grateful for the one I belong to right here with Mentoring for Free. Although I have a few other mastermind groups out there I participate in just by association I do love to participate in this mastermind group because this group never lets the negative thoughts become a part of the conversation. 

I owe a lot to this group for the positive thoughts that are taught to us every day. How to use these positive thoughts to make big changes in our lives. I did get very sick and I still am at the moment but I will be better by the end of the summer. I am using positive thoughts to get through my days. I remember how Michael came to the daily calls and never really let us see the pain he was in before his surgery. He was always positive and spent his days helping us instead of focusing on his pain. 

I think that I should have focused more on my work here than my pain. I was consistently sending daily accountability reports to Bob Shoaf and then when I was not doing well I stopped. It makes me feel like I am missing something. I do really appreciate my weekly calls from my mentor Bob Shoaf. We have so much fun on our calls and we help each other on these calls. 

I have been trying very hard daily to turn the thoughts and words that others in my family are using daily that are affecting the wealth, health and the well being of our family. I know it is because I have been here for about a now that I have learned how to change my thoughts or the words from someone else's mouth into positive self-healing thoughts and words. 

Thanks to all of you for being here daily and never give up. I am not giving up. I will be back to my normal self-real soon and will be ready to take on a team to introduce them into this amazing mastermind group. I am excited daily when I think about all the people out there that really could use this information that I get to learn daily from the greatest mentoring team out there. 

Dawn Meyers Mullica Hill, New Jersey