Think & Grow Rich Lessons
robert tucker Bay Point, California, United States

Posted: 2018-05-13


This chapter is about supplying power to your plan for the success your desire for success.

the author tells us that the word Power is "organized and intelligently directed knowledge."

or rather organized effort, that willenable an individual to transmute desire into its monetary

equivalent. The Power of the master mind  consist of more than one person who work in the

spirit of harmony toward a definite end to see that the plan reaches its purpose for success

to come about.


Power is the driving force of any plan or goal set by any individual who desires success for

themselves. Power is use for many things to achieve, for the accumulation of money, for the

retention of money after it has been received this is called " organized knowledge" which

consist of three types; Infinite Intelligence- creative imagination, Accumulated experience-

comes through a public library,schools, colleges which is classified and organized.The other

is; Experiment and research-This is use when knowledge is not availiable through "accumulated

experience". All this knowledge can be learned from the foregoing source above.Once converted

into power into a definite plan, and action taken you can reach success using this powerful driving

force to reach your plan of action.

robert tucker, Bay Point, California, United Stated