Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Kira Harnett Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Posted: 2016-02-24

Chapter 15 How To Outwit The Six Ghosts Of Fear

As children, we dove into everything head first with no fear but as we got
older and allowed our thoughts or the thoughts of our peers to enter our
subconscious we developed fear. Some people might argue that children
have no fear because they don't understand what to be afraid of but I believe
they have no fear because they haven't been told what to fear.

Take a step back and realize your fears. Riches will not become available to you
until you have conquered those fears. For me, the fear of criticism has held me
back from achieving my goals. I never participated in school, I never voiced my
opinions and I was terrified to talk to people.

When I joined MFF I wouldn't participate on the calls or post lessons and when I
did start posting lessons I hoped that I wouldn't be asked to read my lesson.
When the day came that Michael asked me to read my lesson I was so nervous.
I spoke too fast and my voice was shaking, I was red in the face and my heart
was pounding. The fear of being criticized for my own thoughts crippled me.

I overcame that fear because of everyone at MFF. When I read a lesson I realize
that I don't need to fear being criticized. My confidence bloomed because of the
kind comments and inspiring thoughts of everyone here.I am no longer crippled by fear.

Thanks to all of you I am conquering my fears & achieving my goals!

Kira Harnett
Calgary, Alberta