Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Rick Burnett Spanish Fort, Alabama, USA

Posted: 2018-05-02




We make them every day. Some are more important than others but it’s crucial to make them.


I remember the summer of 2016 when I got into two of those next greatest things if you know what I mean on the recommendation of a friend. Where were they by the end of the summer? Gone like a helium ballon after you release your grasp on the string. I was so fed up and beat down by MLM I had lost all faith and told my wife if I didn’t find a better way to do it I was done with it for good. I made a decision I was going to look for the right kind of help and MFF came into my hands at just the right time. And the funny thing is that I had been approached years ago about this system but something for free couldn’t be worth much could it? No I had to go out and spend some big bucks on the big gurus to teach me some strategy that didn’t work.


But that one decision was huge because MFF changed my life, and the biggest change was turning me from a critical, grumbling, complaining, negative person into one filled with gratitude and joy.


When presented with another opportunity after finding MFF and now knowing how to pick a 5 pillar company, I made the decision to join and that I know is going to prove out being one of the best decisions I have ever made because that company is outstanding and I know it will be there for me the rest of my life and for my wife and daughter.


There are so many exciting things happening within that company now that I am almost having to sit on my hands but that brings me to another decision. The decision to back off a bit when normally I would want to be tearing it up. I am doing it because I am needed as a caretaker for my wife right now as she fights her battle with cancer and sometimes I seems like it takes every minute but so worth it. I never want to ever look back and say I didn’t do everything that I could do and enjoy every waking minute I have with her.


Last summer I got fired from a trucking job because I didn’t want to work every minute of every waking hour and be owned by them anymore. Best thing that ever happened to me. I burned my bridges and made a decision that I wouldn’t drive a truck anymore or be owned by a company ever again and started driving a school bus that gave me the flexibility to build my business even though the money didn’t come close to what I made trucking but I know more than that will come though my business when I can give it the attention it needs. 


But most of those other decisions all came after I made the big one to give MFF a try and I am so glad I did, It was a game changer! Thank you thank you thank you Linda and Michael Dlouhy for providing the platform for us and for all my friends and mastermind partners.


Rick Burnett

Spanish Fort, Al


P.S.  All those decisions were very important but when it comes down to what the founders did with the possibiltiy of certain death in case of failure, I have to think would I have done that very same thing and my answer is sad because I would have to honestly say probably not. I am so glad that THEY DID! God Bless America!