Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ben Drake West Ryde, NSW, Australia

Posted: 2018-05-02

Listening to the leadership call replay this week was a timely insight and call reminding me that for many years I was held in bondage listening to the input of those around and unable to make My own decisions. I'd turn to those who believed would support the subject discussed and often it was the opposite. For many years as well having and letting a member of the family have their power, also being unaware that had a choice. They would do every area from washing, cooking and cleaning. It was when listened to a friendly advice and started doing for myself that chose to break free and made that choice.

It was like for many years the desire sat inside for a better car, for many years I have followed my own fathers selection of car unaware that had a choice and my own choice of car was exactly that. Its time to allow myself to make those choices, rather than listening to all those opinions from around us. After many years dreaming of my own dream car its time to realize that I am driving that Hilux and building that layout of model trains. That I am that stay at home dad, a great husband and father.

Those are my choices and my decisions. It was my own decision to get married, to join network marketing and to start learning the skills for a better life. For many years it has been my listening to those around again about the business when they may of never run a business. Some have run a business but its been a different type of business. Do you take network marketing advice from someone who once ran a swim school. They are both businesses and have customers, really we need to decide what value does this person offer.

It has been my own choice to seek my own fathers love for many years a love that he is unable to express any other way, whist I would love a closer relationship he must be willing aswell. I am needing to choose its ok the way he is, just like I am ok just as I am after many years listening to those who would constantly be saying this is wrong with Your spelling, this is wrong with Your plan. You asked to many questions. Rather than knowing yes I am able to be myself and feeling comfortable being that Ben, for many years I sat there wanting to just fit in rather than being someone totally unique.

I stopped dreaming and being myself to fit in with a crowd which was the wrong crowd. A crowd that enjoyed conforming. It's my own choice to decide how sleep, what underwear I am wearing, even what do for a living, even when hear from the critics on the business. It makes no difference what another may say in relation to that area as long as I am happy with that decision. For many years its been others attempting to sell me once have made a choice or decision in a area of life. Often they have been tested to see how they support that goal.

It is my choice about underwear, marriage and anyone else has little say. We all need to make a choice and choose its ok.  Thank you for your ongoing guidance, love, support and encouragement to the amazing friends and team at mentoring for free. A huge thank you to my amazing mentors and rich parent's Linda and Michael Dlouhy and Ken Klemm for your ongoing support. thank you very much to my amazing wonderful wife Jenny for Your own ongoing love. Your friend for life,

Bug hugs,
Ben Drake
West Ryde New South whales Australia