Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Trevor Conti Taber, AB, Canada

Posted: 2018-05-01

This chapter was on the importance of decisions! We are making decisions every second of every day. It is important to be aware of the decisions we make if we are trying to achieve something. The smallest decisions can have massive impacts on life over time! It reminds me of a story of a young pupil and his mentor. One day the mentor tells his pupil " pull that tree sprout from the ground" and the pupil pulls it out with little effort. The mentor then tell the pupil " now I want you to pull out that one" pointing at a larger more developed tree. With a lot of effort and some rocks and stick the pupil managed to pull the tree out. The mentor then led the pupil deep into the woods where he pointed at the largest oak tree and said " now pull this one out" and the pupil looked at the massive tree and said " I can't "

The moral of the story is if you don't be mindful of the decisions we make we can unknowingly grow a bad habits that will be so hard to correct me might not even try to correct them! If we make mindful decisions we can take early actions to prevent bad habits and failures. Thankyou Michael and Linda Dlouhy and everyone in mentoring for free.