Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Everardo Larreynaga Hempstead, NY, USA

Posted: 2018-04-30


I travelled in my past and have found that I have made definite decisions, did not have definite plans and needed more knowledge.   Deciding to go to school when I turned 15 was an excellent decision.   I attended high school and graduated.  Decided to go to college and graduated.  Again an excellent decision.   Another and most important decision was to attend church at about 16 years old.  And at about 21 years old, I reaffirmed my belief on Jesus Christ as my Saviour by being baptised.   In my secular life, a mastermind, otherwise said an excellent career advisor who would know me better than myself, was emphatically missing.   With regard to knowledge,  I had some knowledge but clearly needed a more laser beamed personal guidance.   At present, these lessons on Think And Grow Rich make examine myself to flash back to my past to understand what was it like, what I had, what I did right to climb another step in the road for self improvement.   At present I am painstakingly taken a step to business to business success.