Think & Grow Rich Lessons

Posted: 2018-04-29

What I think of Chapter 8 Decision is that many times we hold back on doing something because we obviously think the answer is NO. Well if you don't ask then the answer will always be NO. Do you speak your reality into existence. What if you put something negative out there like use the words maybe, try, possibly, we will see and anything else thats negative. You are attracting more negativity in your life subconsciously. If you are afraid that people will say no to you then they will say no to you. Here is the reason why. Even a dog knows if his master has a lack of courage. Hello?

It is NO different than listening to a rap song where they have lyrics of violence. That is why there is crime out there because of the programming. Which are the lyrics to the song. What food are you feeding yourself? Are you taking cheese doodles, doritos and potato chips out of the closet. Or are you having apples, organges and bannanas? Same thing with your mind. Remember the last Chapter on Organized Planning it was telling you that you gotta have enthusiasm because without it you will sound like a flop and nobody will buy you. People buy feelings and they can feel if you are telling them the truth or not. And Tom Big Al Schrieter says storytellers make the most money in network marketing. If you do not have your story then borrow someone elses. Michael Dlouhy has given his testimonial on his team call on the product Greens. Everybody knows that facts tell and stories sell!

Are you gonna get off the bleachers and off the field and play to WIN like Michael describes in Being All In like Brett Farve was? Or are you gonna be the wide recievers who drops the passes believing subconsciously that you do not deserve to win?

Its up to you. Take action today NOT tommorow. Because the longer you wait your enthusaism decreases and your fear increases. Remember that Indecision and Doubt Creates Fear. And Action Kills Fear!

Just Do It and Do It and Do It!

Lawrence Bergfeld