Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Stephen Stefanski Santa Barbara, MG, Brazil

Posted: 2018-04-26

The Decisions We Make

Our indecision began the day we walked into the candy store as a young child and observed the 100 varieties of penny candy.  The decision to choose was difficult one for a six-year-old with only 2 cents in their pocket. Most people never get over this. We can tell by the variety of material goods we have in our lives. Why is it we have 100 different varieties of computers when they basically all do the same thing. This compounds the problems with making decisions in our life.

Why do we procrastinate? - I believe it stems from lack of confidence and low self-esteem. As children, we wish for approval from our friends, but we are afraid to guess what they would prefer. We are afraid to ask because that would be a sign of weakness. When we do decide on an issue and the group does not agree with your decision you end up being ridiculed,  pushing you down even further. 

How do we change this? - That is the reason we are discussing this tonight. All of us here have our fears and trepidations of the results of our actions. If we don't make the right decision there is the pain of being ostracized by the group. But not here. We are here to build our self-esteem enabling us to make those decisions quickly without fear of any repercussions.  We are acting as one, and one only self-inflicts pain on itself when it is self-destructing. We are building, not self-destructing. 

As a mastermind group, there is strength. As a mastermind group, there is hope. As a mastermind group, there is knowing. As a mastermind group there is only one and yet there are so many.

Stephen "Rushmore" Stefanski

"Time is not short, Only life is"