Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Anton Koker Stoughton, MA, United States

Posted: 2016-02-24

Ghosts of Fear

   How does it make me feel? I have a decision to make. I have an 
action I need to take. I feel anxious. I feel uncomfortable. I want 
a diversion. I allow my mind to float into something else. I feel 
better. I no longer feel anxiety or being uncomfortable. Until later.

   What happened to me? I ran out of time, didn't get the decision 
or action done, and now regret what happened!

   I figured out a way to feel good, in the moment, but now I feel 
worse than I did at the time.

   Now I get angry. At myself. I didn't even come to grips with the 
reason I was feeling anxious or uncomfortable. I just simply 
sought out something else to do, to avoid it anyway.

   Over time I continue to chip away at these moments, and, 
one-by-one avoid the fear and instead focus on my self-talk and 
why I am making these decisions and taking these actions.

   Being ten-foot-tall and bulletproof not only against negativity 
in the noise around us, but also against the fears inside, from our 
damaged programming of the past, and confidence in myself and the 
plan I prepared.

with gratitude and in service,
Tony and Lisa Koker

P.S. How many times have you said your self-talk today?

P.P.S. Is your self-talk based upon your WHY? You really do need a 
       99.999 % WHY.