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Test Test Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

Posted: 2016-02-24


There are six basic fears with some combination every human suffers at one time in their life. There will be only there 

because I am not well sorry to do this MICHAEL I DID AS MUCH AS I COULD.


1Self-Consciousness; generally expressed in meeting strangers through nervousness and feeling

awhwardwith their hands and limbs.

2PERSONALITY- They think less of themselvesso their lacking ability to express opinions definitely and

personal charm.

3 INFERIORITY COMPLEX;   the habit of expressing self-approval by word of mouth and by actions as the means

of covering up a feeling of  inferiority  .  These people  use big words often trying to blow themselves  up to

prideful balloons and then failing because the words they use they don't know what they mean.


        THE one I suffer from is SELF- CONSCIOUSNESS

1  I make  sure I am in a safe surrounding and with someone to help me if I need the help.

2   YES  -  I  DO

3  Privilege  of controlling  my own thoughts and  always keep my state of mind healthy     THANKYOU  MICHAEL   MARINA   SCHMIDT