Think & Grow Rich Lessons
George W Lewis Jr Kenmore, Washington, USA

Posted: 2018-04-18

I imagine that I will no longer accept other peoples pessamistic, envious, judgmental  thoughts & opinions about what flows from my imagination any longer. 

When you are born highly active in your imagination in an enviornment among people not so active & possibly intimidated by your abilities, it is easy to get railroaded in to conformity to follow the masses when you do not know the true meaning & power of your falculties. 

For decades I've lived under the guise people have imposed, that I have an overly active imagination & that the ideas that I imagine are not based in reality yet, some of those same people would take that same imaginative thought that they branded outlandish & use it to fix their relationships, land a job or promotion, apply it an call it their own & to some extremes use it against you so they can keep you under their influence, smiling in your face while the whole time, their back-stabing you.

Now with that said, today, I can care less about those types of people & their environments. Today, the one thing I am greatful for is that I have not burned out & faded into oblivion when it comes to my imagination. Today, I engage in the practice of writting 10 ideas a day whether they be feasable or not. I learned this from reading James Altucher's book: Chose Your Self Guide to Wealth. Who would have thought that this mental excercise rekindles the zeal to play in your imagination like a child elated with discovering what they are capable of.

Now that I know that there are Principles that correspond with the imagination, it is just a matter of corellating this creative power with those Principles to obtain the desired outcome. 

Today I Imagine that My Net Worth is $1.3 Trillion Dollars & In return for this Financial Wealth, I will engage in the work of uplifting Huemanity up into our next stage on the evolutionary scale. This will be done by innovative, strategic, investment campaigns in Cryptocurrencies, ICO's, Blockchain Technology & Stocks, Appreciating Assets, & Multi-Meadia Arts Production Companies of the future. No Power On Earth can change this for it is of My imagination fueld by my own Burnning Desire with a Clear & Definate Purpose.