Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Rita Bingham Spring, Texas, USA

Posted: 2018-04-18


Think and Grow Rich

Chapter 6



Imagination – The workshop where all plans are created by man.  Anything Conceived by the Imagination, that is Believed, can be Achieved.  So far, that has been the common thread for me in Think and Grow Rich.

Whether you work through Synthetic Imagination, a modern day “ReMix” of another’s concept or idea; such as redesigning someone’s concept of an engine to give it more horsepower. (The idea was originally theirs, you just built on what was already there, you just re-worked, reworded, and re-wound the original.) Or, if you use Creative Imagination, whereby it is created through the finite mind with infinite intelligence. (You wrote a book, designed an original evening gown, wrote an original poetic piece or wrote an original opera using your conscious mind being more receptive to vibrations, and stimulated through the emotion of a strong desire, such as love.)  Either of these “Imaginations” is powerful.

Michael Dlouhy and other members of this Mastermind group, are mentoring us with the Synthetic Imagination, the use of Mr. Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich.  As we come together in this group, our Synthetic is used even more.

Both types of Imagination develop with use or become quiescent through lack of use.  Never let your imagination die, never stop dreaming and never give up.  There are those who came before us who are depending on us keeping the torch lit, and those who are coming behind us who are looking for inspiration, something to build on, a light to follow in a dark tunnel.  We owe this as our pay for taking up space and breathing the air while we are here.