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robert tucker Bay Point, California, United States

Posted: 2018-04-16

The Opporation Of The Mind

This a great topic about imagination of the mind. I call the mind a power force that builds great things when the imagination

is in action. Whatever we think or imagin ourselves to be we become what we desire or think ourselves to be. the Biblical

scriptures tell us just that we are created in the image of the Infinite Intelligence who give us all the ability to create things

from the imagination of our minds just like the author says about man that he can create anything which he can imagine.

We have the skill and the ability to bring about whatsoever we desire once it is transmuted into its monetary equivalent.

The Forms Of Our Imagination

Our imagination faculty has just two forms that direct  us when we us the opporation of the mind, one is Synthetic which

old ideas or plans can be changed into new concepts of combinations this has no creating forces but works through

education, and experiences.  and what has been observed, the other is what is called the; Creative Imagination what

is called the finite mind of man that has direct contact with the Infinite Intelligence which we receive "hunches" and

"inspirations" comes from which is handed over to mankind through what is called the subconscious mind which is

the force I spoke about above. 

Build Up Our Imagination

Everyday we must keep our imagination active as much as we can  it never dies but it gets weak when no action

is being use to it. The form call the synthetic Imagination is the one we must focus more on because this is the one

form that we use mostly when we have a desire for a financial break through for more money to be made. this

topic on imagination will help us to align our personal ans professional purpose.

robert tucker, bay Point, california, United States