Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Christi Hill Pine Bluff, AR, USA

Posted: 2018-04-04

We are natural born cocreators! 

There is not a moment when we are not creating. However,  are we intentionally creating or are we creating by default? 

In my opinion,  in chapter 4, Auto Suggestion is the break down of the saying "Energy grows where your attention goes/ flows." The more we visualize, speak/affirm, and invoke adequate emotions of those things we frequently think about or pay attention to,be it desired or not,  we are in a state of creating/ manifesting. 

For me,  it was important to understand that "The how " is not so important in the creating process more so of knowing and seeing a clear picture of what I want and invoking  the feeling of already having the desired outcome. (Money,career, relationships,spiritual growth, etc)

With that being said, since I am in a state of creating anyway, I choose to use this process of Auto Suggestion  in being more proactive and intentional in creating/manifesting the life I want to see and the abundance I want to have. One day at a time!

Thank you!  Shouts out to Marty Roe!  I appreciate the invitation to be here ☺