Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Kay Young Superior, CO, US

Posted: 2018-04-04

Reading this chapter about the Subconscious Mind made me appreciate how perfectly humans have been formed.  Our real decisions come from the subconscious mind and it is protected from the thoughts of others by our conscious mind.  This barrier is only a problem when we do not feed our subconscious mind ourselves.


There are many people who strive to do affirmations or positive thoughts daily to move themselves forward to one objective or another.  I have done that very thing myself along with them to build income, with mediocre results. Hill points out that this process cannot influence the subconscious until you add the emotions of Belief, Faith, a Burning Desire and the ability to see and feel yourself living that goal.


My AH HA awareness is that though I had not been able to materialize the financial goals I wanted, there were things I did materialize that I really had a deep burning desire for in my relationships.  These things were of primary importance to me, I could see and feel them in my life, I knew they would come in time…and they did.


With this awareness that I had already been able to have the faith, belief, burning desire and the persistence necessary to gain something I wanted in a different area of my life, I am now encouraged that it is possible in the financial and other parts of my life.


A second AH HA for me was that I have had many ideas that I have not acted upon, hence the possibilities they may have brought did not arrive.  Still working on that, yet better armed since that was brought to my attention.


This truly is a key chapter that brings the other chapters into their pattern of unified action together.


Kay Young

Superior, Colorado