Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Tuula Rands West Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Posted: 2018-04-04

Chapter 4 - Auto-Suggestion

Did we hear it?  Did we listen to it? Did we accept it or did we reject it?
So soft, so quiet we almost did not recognize it but there is a voice in the back
of our mind that keeps repeating the things we heard all our lives.  Were they
good thoughts? Were they negative thoughts?  

Whatever they were, they are still there because without realizing it we have
nurtured them and when we think, without thinking, those thoughts are talking to us.

Those moments when we are preoccupied with things our thoughts are still going
around and around in our mind.  Do we think about controlling those thoughts or do
we only think about controlling what we are thinking about when we say our created self talk?  

Self talk is a wonderful, beautiful thing when we control it as we say our carefully prepared
self talk. But do we control it when we are not saying our carefully prepared self talk?

Hill tells us "AUTOSUGGESTION is the agency of control 
through which an individual may voluntarily feed his subconscious 
mind on thoughts of a creative nature, or, by neglect, permit thoughts 
of a destructive nature to find their way into this rich garden of the mind."

Our life goes the way our thinking goes.

Sir John Lubbock  tells us  "What we see depends mainly on what we look for,"

What we look for  usually depends on what we think and tell ourselves.

Ralph Waldo Emerson  states "People only see what they are prepared to see." 

Our preparation begins in our minds by our self talk. So are we still listening
to that old record of "way back when" or have we created a new world for ourselves
where things are positive with anticipation and hope.

James Allen tells us "You are today where your thoughts have brought you, you
will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you."

Tuula Rands