Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Cindy Harris Mandeville , Louisiana , USA

Posted: 2018-04-04

Chapter 4 - Autosuggestion


Hill states, "You were instructed, in the last of the six steps described in the chapter on Desire, to read ALOUD twice daily the WRITTEN statement of your DESIRE FOR MONEY, and to SEE AND FEEL yourself ALREADY in possession of the money! By following these instructions, you communicate the object of your DESIRE directly to your SUBCONSCIOUS mind in a spirit of absolute FAITH."


I have FINALLY taken the steps necessary to get the ball rolling, and now, once again, ... only this time, with my guns loaded with the right formula, ... I have posted my statement that I will read, with emotion, every morning first thing, and every evening upon retiring for the night. 


After having already seen many things transpire and wheels turning in several areas of my life during the past several months, I have NO DOUBT, not one negative thought, about my goal.  It WILL occur.  I can't wait to let you all know when it does, and I believe it will happen before my deadline of November 1st of this year.  IT MUST!!!" 


God bless you all! Thank you for having such a positive impact on my life!


Cindy Harris

Mandeville, Louisiana