Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ben Drake West Ryde, NSW, Australia

Posted: 2018-04-04

For many years my own autosuggestion had to do with the pain and hurt of those friends and family. The loss of a best friend during childhood and being unable to express what was going on or understand that the had moved away and would be seeing each other. It’s time to stop those tapes of the destructive childhood experiences and walk away, to share that love and raise that family of wonderful loving caring kids. Being that true friend who my best friends know.

Being that dad to Jamie along with his twin sisters Skyla and Nicole raising our kids on the Gold Coast, a stay at home dad who can spend quality time with his kids allowing them to dream again, being the parent that want to be. Also being a wonderful uncle to my siblings kids and our current nephew and neice.

Many relationships have been a learning experience for becoming that wonderful friend and the type of friend that I am, for many years I blamed myself for those friendships. Needing to learn at times it was those feelings of hurt friendships that ran my own life for a great deal of years. Over the last number of years my wonderful friend Michael Dlouhy, along with Ken Klemm and the mff team have helped me to learn to love again. Starting with myself, then my amazing beautiful wife Jenny. Our son Jamie now too.

For many years my own autosuggestion was that love was external and being in a relationship would give that love that sought. It took discovering that love sought was part of myself, just like that husband, father and friend that had sought feeling that would make life beta. All that eluded me for many years.

It's like our customers, our business, what we do outside of the network marketing world can be picked up just how desperate we are. When we are desperate and feeling needy we give a vibe that attracts the same.  it's like my first sexual experience the person was desperate and I was still learning the signs when it happened. When someone suggests to themselves all they want from a new relationship is the sex. That's all that they will get, when a person says that they seek a family that is what they will get.

Its the same from every area of life when you suggest or say what you are then of course it's gonna happen. There are many examples of autosuggestion that see from those who have been in my own life.

A huge thank you to my amazing wonderful friends and mentors Ken Klemm and Linda and Michael Dlouhy for your ongoing guidance, love, support and encouragement. The mff team for Your own guidance and my amazing loving wife for life Jenny with her heart of gold.

Your friend for life,
Bug hugs,
Ben Drake
West Ryde New South whales Australia
Father of jamie and our twin daughters, living on the gold coast of qld.