Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Celeste Smucker Nellysford, VA, United States

Posted: 2018-04-04

Chapter 4  Autosuggestion
Autosuggestion is what drives creation.  We create our experience by how we respond to the events in our lives, and we respond according to our programming. And the source of our programming is autosuggestion in all of its forms.
Our programming starts at home when we are very young.  Our parents pass on their ideas and values as do different mentors along the way, such as teachers, ministers, coaches or friends and other relatives.  We are also influenced by what we read and by what we see on television or online.  All of that information, those ideas and emotions, pass into our subconscious in the form of autosuggestion, programming our reactions to the events of our lives..
Until we become self aware, we don't notice the programming.  We think what happens to us is just the way life is and our response to it just the way we are.  We can't help it we are just victims of circumstance.  We think some people are just more lucky than we are, or that they were born happy.
As our self awareness grows we begin to notice how we have been programmed.  We  understand that we create our experience by how we respond to what happens, and how we respond in turn impacts the experiences we have.  
Did you ever notice how when you wake up in a bad mood, the day often goes down from there?  You are stressed and anxious so you spill your coffee and have to change clothes, and now you're behind so you rush out the door forgetting something important and maybe get a speeding ticket as you drive to work or a meeting.  Now you are really late and don't give a good presentation so you lose a sale, or maybe even your job.  
What if you could turn that around?  Being self aware means you notice you are off track, you notice your mood is negative and you choose to change it.  And you do that with autosuggestion, but autosuggestion that is carefully crafted to turn your mood around.  Maybe you listen to upbeat music, or put essential oils designed to lift your mood into your diffuser.  You create some positive self talk to repeat over and over to yourself while you brush your teeth, take a shower and eat your breakfast.  Now in a good mood you are relaxed, you have what you need for the day when you walk out the door and you give an upbeat presentation that results in a sale or a better position at work.  
While this is a powerful way to use this tool, it is even more so when you use it to manifest your deepest desires, the ones that bring tears to your eyes.  Start with the desire that means the most to you and create self talk to program your subconscious and bring it into reality.  Then when you notice you are distracted, or as your desire deepens and shifts into something even more meaningful, use self talk to keep yourself on track, tweaking it to fit as circumstances change.
Autosuggestion drives creation.  Use this powerful tool with care and your life will never be the same.
Celeste Smucker, Nellysford, VA