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Derrick Allen Mason, Ohio, USA

Posted: 2018-04-03

The Medium for Influencing the Subconscious Mind

The Third Step toward Riches

Napoleon Hill

The author stated, “Where failure is experienced, it is the individual, not the method, which has failed. If you try and fail, make another effort, and still another, until you succeed”. Doing my lifetime being an athlete and a very good one! Helped me to excelled in every sport participated in because the goal was to be the best. Being the team captain on every team as well as the MVP on most happen because I was coachable and followed the instruction give to me on the proper techniques. Unlike most of my teammates, I was not fearful of failure. Most people fail because their unconscious mind has convinced them they can not complete the task. After several failed attempts, they begin to believe it is an impossible task. “Your ability to use the principle of auto- suggestion will depend, very largely, upon your capacity to CONCENTRATE upon a given DESIRE until that desire becomes a BURNING OBSESSION”. Little did I know during those days I applied these principles. I would practice day in and day out hours at a time perfecting the skills needed to become team MVP. I would dream at night seeing myself making the game winning performance and receiving the MVP award. It was fixed in my mind exactly how I would make the game winning play no matter which sport it was. I saw it repeatedly, my subconscious took the orders, and I had faith that it would happen. In fact, I expected it to happen because I never believed that it would not!

I am new here and this is my second post. I am excited because I have been taught how to be a winner as an athlete but never how to become successful!

Thanks to Tony Harnett and Michael Dlouhy and the Mentoring For Free system, my world is beginning to look a lot different and I am excited to what the future holds. Reading the post of other members encourages me to have faith and be persistence in applying the principles described. Failure is not an option!


Derrick Allen Sr