Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Nathan Grimes Lubbock, TX, United States

Posted: 2018-04-01


Auto-suggestion is a noun defined as the hypnotic or subconscious
adoption of an idea that one has originated oneself, e.g. through
repetition of verbal statements to oneself in order to change

Emile Coue’ identified two very different types of self-suggestion:
intentional, "reflective autosuggestion": made by deliberate and
conscious effort, and unintentional, "spontaneous auto-suggestion":
which is a "natural phenomenon of our mental life … which takes
place without conscious effort [and has its effect] with an intensity
proportional to the keenness of [our] attention".

You were instructed, in the last of the six steps described in
the chapter on Desire, to read ALOUD twice daily the WRITTEN
statement of your DESIRE FOR MONEY, and to SEE AND FEEL
yourselfALREADY in possession of the money! By following
theseinstructions, you communicate the object of your DESIRE
directlyto your SUBCONSCIOUS mind in a spirit of absolute

Through repetition of this procedure, you voluntarily create
thought habits which are favorable to your efforts to transmute
desire into its monetary equivalent.

There was a time when all cars only came with a manual or
straight shift transmission. To get the car moving you had to
push down on a clutch shift to the selected gear take your
foot off the brake and push slightly on the accelerator slowly
release to clutch. I know anyone who has ever driven a manual
has stalled the car at least once. Now with a little time,
persistence and practice we will begin to run through the gears
as a nature. Our driving started with intentional action but
move to become unintentional or spontaneous.

I want to change those auto-suggestion of the past, it begin
by being intentional. This started by writing down my self-talks,
reading it aloud. I shifted to the next gear by repeating the
self-talk 500 to 1000 times per day, going through the gears. I
added fuel by saying them with faith and desire filled with positive
emotions. When I miss a gear or shift back to a negative emotion I
watch the “Stop It” video and start another 500 times in doing my
positive self-talks.

I know this works because this method has gotten me through a lot
of negative issue, health problems, and losses in past several
months and still does. I can and have kept a smile and a glade
heart through it all.

Linda and Michael Dlouhy, I thank you are living example of the
power of self-talk. Bob Shoaf, thank you for your friendship and
understanding spirit. To all my fellow participant my thanks for
your wisdom and sharing of your brilliance. My super thanks to
everyone who was download “Success in 10 Steps” and join me weekly
​in phone calls.

Nathan Grimes
Lubbock, TX USA