Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Mervyn Drury Casey, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

Posted: 2018-04-01

Chapter 4 Auto-Suggestion


The Third Step toward Riches

The Mind is constantly bombarded with thoughts, positive and negative which emanate from our emotions. Man has been endowed with the means of controlling these thoughts and their passage from the conscious mind to the subconscious mind. Autosuggestion is this control.

The Oxford Dictionary describes Autosuggestion as follows: “The hypnotic or subconscious adoption of an idea which one has originated oneself”. In our understanding this is Self Talk which we craft to tell the Universe (Infinite Intelligence), our most passionate desires. Barnes Passionate and all consuming desire was to be an Associate of Edison. Mine is to reach Presidents Team in my MLM Business.

The following quote by Peace Pilgrim summarises this in another way. “Constantly through thought you are creating your inner conditions and helping to create the conditions around you. So keep your thoughts on the positive side, think about the best that could happen, think about the good things you want to happen”.

We do however face one obstacle in that negative thoughts enter the subconscious mind unheeded and without any emotional bidding. However Nature has endowed Man with the ability to control the thoughts entering the Subconscious Mind through the use of Autosuggestion.

Remember that positive and negative thoughts cannot coexist. Therefore if we can constantly feed our Minds with positive thoughts through Autosuggestion (Self Talk), we can control and eliminate the entry of negative thoughts. This is the mechanism that Nature has set up and Man can exercise by choice. Most people do not exercise the mechanism and therefore go through life in poverty.

It can be thus seen that by a simple change in controlling our thoughts and the use of Self Talk (autosuggestion), we can move our thoughts from a life of Poverty to a life of Riches.

Michael Dlouhy has been asked many times “how do you change your life”, and in every instance the reply is the same, Self Talk.

Remember “How you do anything is how you do everything”.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Linda and Michael Dlouhy for the constant reminder that Self Talk is the Key to Success.

Mervyn Drury

Casey, Australian Capital Territory, Australia.