Think & Grow Rich Lessons
joseph lombardo millville, NJ, usa

Posted: 2018-03-28

My faith has gotten very strong not because we go to Church we dont go every single Sunday,My mom had a very strong Catholic faith,I went to Catholic school until 3erd graid but i was there 4 years,One day i had a red mark of a handprint on my face and my mom took me out after a few nice words were said,Since then i have not liked Religion atall i believe in the Lord but not Religion,And i feel sorry for TV evangelist most knw were there going,They know how to brainwash that's why i went Atheist for a less than a year i came back to faith in God,

Because after my mother passed away I had life saving surgery a month after she died we all whole family believe it she saved me somehow with her faith is what im calling it,I never had surgery before in my life after she passed i had 3.That was 9 years ago,Now ive been OK all is good,I have a new left hip to my groin and i can jog everything is going well and has been,My mom taught my wife how to be my wife i dont have a slave i have a wife lol,But we lived with her and she'd tell my wife come on time to cook and showed her how to make what i like,I've had the best wife anyone can ask for because of my mom and she got clean and sober to. It's all about fath my whole life where im at today my mother would never leave this Earth if i wasn't in good hands my dad ether.There whole life with me and my brother always not worrying but always planning for us me and my brother the future there who we learned from,

I am working on auto suggestion i have my 3 i have more than 3 but my main 3 are,Im not procrastinating,Im getting better all the time,I will understand my self talks better and say them over and over ,My dad and mom were to proud and respected to have any of their kids homeless or go hungry no way would they stand for it my mom prayed to God for 30 years still after my dad passed for everything to be OK and it's the way they wanted it for us.All from there faith that carried over to us.