Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ken Klemm Spring Hill, FL, USA

Posted: 2018-03-28

Many folks claim the Mentoring For Free system is too 
slow for building an income from home. There is a key 
component of the system many folks ignore.

Living in Philadelphia, PA I came to Mentoring For Free 
in late October 2007 and soon joined an MLM company. 
Within a few weeks I sponsored my first distributor, 
who also began using the system. Within 6 months I had 
a small team, most of them using the system, and my 
business reached the breakeven point.

By the time I moved to Spring Hill, FL in the winter of 
2010, my business had reached full-time income. My team 
included a couple of very strong leaders.

The key component I embraced and supplied was the 
vibration of the 8 POSITIVE EMOTIONS. 

DESIRE and FAITH build trust, confidence and HOPE. They 
generate ENTHUSIASM which, combined with LOVE, causes 
you to “ROMANCE” your contacts.

The whole thing is wrapped up in PROSPERITY.

The other emotion is SEX, which involves Attraction, 
Creativity and Inspiration - and is the subject of 
another chapter.

Ken Klemm - Florida, USA

P.S. “Without FAITH, seeing is believing. WITH Faith, 
believing is seeing.”