Think & Grow Rich Lessons
robert tucker Bay Point, California, United States

Posted: 2018-03-28


The Good Book tells that ;AS A Man Thinks So Is He, we are what we see ourselves and what we think ourselves as.

The author helps us to understand in this lesson about Vision and Belief  of what we see about ourselves. True the

mind is a machine that when using Faith can can bring about an spiritual equivalent to oneself  transmitting it to the 

Infinite Intelligence as we pray about the things we desire. There are three emotions that we must understand that

is very powerful within us that is the emotion of the love,faith and sex which are very powerful emotions ib the human



One thing we must first understand is that faith is a power of the mind which may give you the ability to create or 

that it can send  affirmation  to the Subconscious mind, when using autosuggestion desire to the subconscious

mind. Faith also beinf the state of mind decelops voluntarily, as using the mastered thirteen principles that with

desire brings these principles to the Subconscious mind using autosuggestion which help support the mind

as in using feeling through emotionalization translating into an physcial equivalent or counterpart.



We must know that no one is at risk for lost to win and reach your phyical equivalent  of desire through

the opporation using the subconscious mind even thought many today feel that they will fail in life the only

they must know how faith work for their benifit and understand how the principle opporate using the mind

of the subonscious. we must pass positive feeling to the subconscious mind using any desire which we

translate into its physical,or monetary equivalent state of belief.

Robert Tucker, Bay Point, California, United States